Weight Loss Plus

Medically Supervised Weight Loss without Surgery

Have you tried various diets and weight loss products, but have not seen the results that you wanted? If you are tired of your weight yo-yoing or of seeing little results, you should consider trying the medically supervised weight loss program at one of our WeightLoss+ clinics in Louisville, Kentucky or Goodlettsville, TN.

At our weight loss clinics, we will design a healthy weight loss program tailored to your needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all program and we won't try to sell you any food. Our bariatric doctors  will teach you how to lose weight by eating food that you can get anywhere, including the drive-thru.

Free Yourself from Your Weight Problems

Are your excess pounds keeping you from truly enjoying life? The WeightLoss+ program can help you lose the excess pounds that are weighing you down. Increase your energy level. Improve your health. Work towards that toned body you desire. Schedule a consultation at our Louisville weight loss clinic today and reclaim your life!

Common Weight Loss Questions

Understanding How Diet Pills Can Help You

You can attain healthy weight loss with prescription diet medication, but you should understand:

  1. Appetite suppressants are not "magic bullets" or one-time fixes.

  2. Everyone responds differently to diet drugs, so you may experience a different level of weight loss than others.

  3. Most side effects are minor and improve with treatment.

  4. Not all diet drugs work the same for everyone so your doctor may change your prescription to see improved results.

Know the Risks of Your Weight

Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment

You may be concerned about your appearance if you have put on some extra pounds. However, your weight is not just about aesthetics. Being overweight can also harm your health.

That's why we complete a health risk assessment and body composition profile during your first visit. This comprehensive workup will examine the effects your weight is having on your blood pressure, cancer risk, and many other factors.

Learn more about our health risk assessment.

Get Healthy Today! Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Your body mass index (BMI) is one of the indicators used to determine if you have a healthy weight.

At WeightLoss+ in Louisville, we measure your BMI and use the results as part of our assessment of healthy weight loss goals for you. You can use our BMI calculator to discover what your body mass index says about you.

Calculate Your BMI Today