Weight Loss Plus

Nashville, TN Weight Loss Clinic

WeightLoss+ is excited to open a new weight loss clinic in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville!

At our newest WeightLoss+ location, our doctors will create a healthy weight loss program designed specifically for you and your needs. We are a different kind of weight loss clinic because the foundation of our program is bariatric medicine (not bariatric surgery). Instead of a company that has you talk with “counselors” who want to sell you their food, at WeightLoss+ you work with professionals in a medically supervised environment. This is a safe and effective medical weight loss program, not a fad diet that requires special food and not a surgical procedure. Find out more about our philosophy.

Weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all journey. It needs to take into account your starting point and abilities so that you are on the right path. Our program is tailored to you and our bariatric doctors will teach you the strategies you need to manage your diet and exercise plan.

Schedule a consultation at our local Nashville weight loss clinic today and start your journey! Call us at 615-667-0322.

Your First Visit

When you make an appointment at our weight loss clinic, your first visit involves a consultation where we perform a health risk assessment and do a body composition profile. Once we have reviewed your results, we then determine how your weight is affecting your health.

Our Weight Loss Program Consists Of:

  • A comprehensive health risk assessment and body composition profile.
  • Exercise and behavior modification techniques you can use to help you along your journey.
  • Education on how and what to eat as well as information to make better choices in your everyday life.
  • Weekly follow-up visits to help keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals.

Get more details on how our weight loss program works 

Contact Our Suburban Nashville Weight Loss Clinic

To learn more about our program or to schedule a health-risk assessment, contact WeightLoss+ in Nashville  today. Our office is in Goodlettsville; located within Long Hollow Chiropractic. You can call us at 615-667-0322.

Laser Services
Weightloss+ also provides laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation in our office. Learn more about the procedures available.