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posted in Weightloss Management // 7.23.15

Five Things You Should Do Every Day to Lose Weight

Five Things You Should Do Every Day to Lose Weight

When you’ve got the right information, losing weight doesn’t have to feel like you’re depriving yourself or that you have to make drastic changes to your life. The best way to do anything is start small and make changes every single day. Before you know it, you’ll be losing weight and feeling proud whenever you look in the mirror. There are five specific things you’ll want to do every day to shed some pounds.

1. Make Sure You Drink Plenty of Water

You may like a little flavor with your drinks, but you probably don’t care for the more harmful ingredients commonly found in some of your favorite drinks. Guzzling on water throughout the day helps to flush toxins from your body and makes you feel healthier. When you start drinking water , take note of how full you feel between meals.

To drink water the right way, you’ll want to start with a glass first thing in the morning. Water helps “oil up” your insides and flushes your digestive juices. You should also have some water before every meal and during each meal. Drinking it before the meal helps you feel more satisfied, and drinking it with your meal helps your food to feel more settled in your stomach. One of the absolute best things about water is that it’s calorie-free, which means you can drink as much of it as you want without feeling guilty. 

2. Get Plenty of Fiber

Fiber will become one of your absolute best food friends during your weight loss journey. When consumed, soluble fiber binds with your stomach fluids and thickens into a substance that slowly works its way through your digestive system, which helps you suppress your appetite. Now you won’t have to worry as much about overeating. Other great things about fiber are that it helps regulate your bowel movements, it can lower your risk of gastroesophageal reflux disorder, it can boost the amount of healthy bacteria in your stomach and it can help those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. 

Whole grains, beans, berries, baked potatoes with the skin and vegetables are all great sources of fiber. If you’re a fan of bread, opt for the whole grain variety rather than white breads. Another great thing about whole grain bread is that it’s also a great source of protein. Oatmeal, bran and brown rice are three more viable sources of fiber.

3. Eat an Egg a Day

No matter if you’re a vegetarian in need of protein or someone who’s trying to lose weight, eating one egg a day does wonders for the body and for the waistline. In addition to being a good source of protein, eggs can help you to lose weight. Even better, there are several different ways for you to consume eggs, which means there’s less chance of you getting bored preparing your egg the same way day after day. Eggs can be scrambled, boiled, poached and fried. If you’ve heard bad things about eggs in regards to heart disease, you should know that eating a single egg a day doesn’t increase your risk of contracting heart disease. It’s important that you control your intake to reap the true benefits of eating eggs. Having too much of a good thing can quickly and easily turn it into a bad thing.

4. Exercise Restraint

Pay attention to the food and drink you put in your body every day. Refrain from guzzling beverages that contain large amounts of sugar. If you’re under the impression that switching to diet sodas isn’t as bad, know that artificial sweeteners come with their own set of health problems. It’s better to drink more water and fruit juice made from 100% juice.

Steer clear of sweets and desserts as much as possible, no matter how tempted you might be to cheat on your diet. It’s best that you not even buy sweets or keep them inside of your pantry, cabinets or fridge. If you have to go out and buy cookies or ice cream, you might be less tempted to give in to your craving. Have a fruit salad whenever you’re in the mood for something sweet.

On a related note, be careful of the garnishes and toppings you add to your meals. Eating a baked potato with the skin doesn’t to you much good if you load it up with cheese, sour cream and bacon. An otherwise healthy sandwich can become unhealthy if you add toppings and condiments high in fat, cholesterol and calories. Pay close attention to each and every ingredient that goes into every meal you eat. It might be tiresome, but you’re sure to notice the difference in how you feel and look.

5. Exercise the Right Way

Combining good eating habits with consistent exercise is one of the absolute best ways to lose weight. You don’t need any equipment whatsoever to exercise. In fact, exercising with just your bodyweight alone is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A good balance of cardiovascular and bodyweight exercises is essential to losing weight while maintaining good muscle tone.

Knowing when to exercise is just as essential as knowing when not to exercise. Make sure you give your body at least one full day of rest. This allows your body to recover and helps to prevent injury and overtraining. No matter how or when you decide to exercise, keep it consistent and stick to a routine. Doing so helps to train your mind and body to be ready to exercise at certain times of day and makes it easier for you to stick to your routine, which makes it easier for you to lose weight.

Remember that keeping off your extra weight is just as important as losing the weight. Nothing’s more frustrating than losing ten pounds only to gain fifteen pounds a few months later. Changing how you eat, exercise and live starts with a foundation built on everyday practices. Implement these five ideas into your daily routine and add a few of your own and see how well they work for you and your waist.

Weight loss is not an overnight journey, it takes time and with the right tools you can be on your way. Weight Loss Plus offers medically supervised weight loss programs to help guide you on your weight loss journey.

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