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4 of the Best Parks with Running Paths in Louisville, Kentucky

4 of the Best Parks with Running Paths in Louisville, Kentucky

If you’re an avid runner or someone who’s trying to get into running, you may be wondering where you should go running in Louisville, Kentucky. There are a lot of great scenic parks in the area, and many of these parks offer running paths. If you’re looking for something new, you definitely need to try these areas. Whether you are from Louisville or are just visiting, make sure to stop by at least one of these superb running trails!

1. Joe Creason Park

The running path at Joe Creason Park is 3.1 miles long. The park itself is open from dawn to dusk, so no matter when you like to run you should be able to get into the park. Not only is the path great, but the scenery is great too. If you’ve been running the same paths for a while, take a timeout to run the path at Joe Creason Park. You’ll see new, beautiful sights. You might even see some unique birds as you run through the park.

This park has many amenities to offer besides running paths. There are grilling areas, playgrounds, hiking trails, restrooms, picnic areas, tennis courts and so much more. You can head over there with friends or family, go for a run and then just hang out in the beautiful park. The park is 62.15 acres, and is located near the Louisville Nature Center and Louisville Zoo. If this is a bit of a drive for you, make it a day excursion and visit the zoo or nature center too.

2. Iroquois Park

Iroquois Park has many different running trails you can visit. There are some longer paths and some shorter paths. The longest path, Rundill Road, is 3.5 miles long. New Cut Road Path is 1.6 miles long. It is closely followed by Uppill Road, which is 1.5 miles long. Toppill Road is 0.5 miles long, and the shortest running path is Summit Hill, which is only 0.25 miles long. If you’re looking for something longer than Rundill Road, you can easily combine some of the paths to make a longer running trail for yourself. This park is also open from dawn to dusk.

The park has many other amenities besides just running trails, so if it is a ways from your house or hotel you can make a day of it. The park also has an amphitheater, basketball courts, disc golf and many other amenities. This is a large park measuring in at 725.85 acres. It is located about 4 miles away from the airport, but when you’re in the park you can hardly tell because of the beautiful nature. There’s also a scenic overlook you can visit to take in all of Louisville.

3. E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park

E.P. Tom Sawyer has three trails available to runners. The Goose Creek Trail is the longest of the three at 1.25 miles. No bikes are allowed on this path, so you’ll find it to be quite peaceful. It is also the most scenic, however it is a path through open meadow and semi-wooded areas. This means the path isn’t necessarily even, so if you choose to run this path be mindful of the terrain. The second path is called the Fitness Trail, and it measures 1 mile. This path is paved with crushed limestone and is level. It also, as the name suggests, has fitness centers along its path. There are 10 exercise stations, so if you’re really looking to mix up your running, consider this path. You can find the final path near Shelter 3, and it leads to the park’s pond.

The park has many amenities including picnicking areas, a swimming pool (which has a fee to enter), a dog park, playgrounds and much more. There are special events you can attend there as well. The park is open year round. It is 550 acres, and located about 1 mile from Towne Center shopping area.

4. Cherokee Park

Another picturesque gem in Louisville, the Cherokee Park has a 2.4 mile long Scenic Loop. There is also Baringer Path, which is 0.6 miles, and Willow Pond Path, which is 0.375 miles. These shorter trails can be taken on their own, if you only want a short path. Otherwise they can be looped into the Scenic Loop to make it a longer run. The park is hilly, so it offers a challenge for runners. Another challenge is that the path can be crowded. The path is shared with walkers and bikers, so you have to be sure you are up to the challenge before you got to Cherokee Park. Even though there are some challenges with this path, it’s still a really great one.

The park has a lot of other amenities as well. There’s archery, horseback riding, fishing and so many other outdoor activities to enjoy. The park is open from dawn to dusk. It is 389.13 acres, and it’s located near I-64 and Louisville Seminary. Take some time to go visit the park and run some of the beautiful trails.

No matter what you’re looking for in a running path, Louisville has it. There are shorter, easier paths; longer, hillier paths; paths with difficult terrain; smooth paths; paths immersed in nature; and paths that are in the middle of town. No matter what sort of environment you like for running, Louisville has it. No matter what sort of running day you want to have, you can find an appropriate trail in Louisville. These 4 parks do not house the only paths available to runners. These are just some of the best maintained paths in parks in Louisville. You can just run in your neighborhood too. If you need more ideas on where to run, check out running websites or fitness sites. You can find out where other runners are running, and maybe even get tips on how to achieve a better, more relaxed run.

Don’t let the same old, same old run bore you into laziness. Keep running, and keep finding new paths to run. You won’t regret checking out some of these parks and the trails that they offer.

Running is a great form of exercise and paired with a healthy diet is great for weight loss. If you are struggling to lose weight, a medical weight loss plan may be the right option.

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