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posted in Weightloss Management // 9.14.15

25 Tips for Making a Healthy Smoothie

25 Tips for Making a Healthy Smoothie

There are plenty of places where you can buy smoothies. However, it is usually better to make it yourself. When you make your own smoothies, you can prioritize your health and create the concoction that is best for your taste buds. For the best results when you are making healthy smoothies, try these 25 tips.

1 – Use Plenty of Ice

It is important to feel full after you drink your smoothie. In most cases, a thicker smoothie is more filling. Using more ice is a simple and effective way to increase the bulk of your drink so you have less of a desire to snack.

2 – Switch Up the Ingredients

Each fruit and vegetable used in a smoothie offers unique health benefits. This is why it is usually better to change up the ingredients regularly. If you eat the same one everyday, you may miss out on certain nutritional benefits.

3 – Sweeten With Dates

Looking for a great way to add sweetness to this healthy snack?  Try adding dates. Remove the pits. Then, make sure to soak them for an hour before you blend.

4 – Use Fat Free Dairy

Using fat filled milk products in your smoothie can increase the caloric content. There are plenty of fat free yogurts, ice creams, and even cottage cheese that are great options for a healthier smoothie.

5 – Avoid Fruit Juice

The healthiest smoothies are made from whole fruit. While it can be tempting to use fruit juice instead of cutting up fruit, this is a less healthy alternative. It is much better to spend a few minutes prepping real fruit before you blend.

6 – Add Healthy Tea

Many smoothie recipes call for water, juice, or ice. For a healthier result, you can use a healthy tea instead. You can make a large pot of healthy tea once a week and use it daily for your smoothies.

7 – Make Your Own Juice

When the recipe calls for fruit juice, it might be smart to make your own. Juicing your fruit is a purer and healthier option, and your smoothie will still taste delicious.

8 – Choose Organic

For a healthy and tasty flavor, try organic fruits and vegetables. This is a great way to increase your nutrition and avoid consuming unwanted pesticides.

9 – Don’t Forget the Vegetables

Unless you regularly consume green juices, it may sound scary to add vegetables to your smoothie. However, adding vegetables like kale or spinach rarely affect the taste. Your beverage might look green, but it will taste just as good. Even better, you will get more nutrition from the smoothie.

10 – Add In Some Omega-3s

Another easy way to improve the health of your smoothie is to add in some omega-3s. Flaxseed is a great option that  adds fiber to your diet and fights inflammation.

11 – Salt Your Smoothie

Most things taste better with salt. Adding a healthy salt like Himalayan Pink salt or Celtic Sea salt will not only improve the flavor, but also provide you with amazing health benefits.

12 – Try Kefir

For digestive health, try mixing milk with Thai coconut water kefir. This natural probiotic will help your body absorb nutrients better.

13 – More Spice

Certain spices can be used in a smoothie to improve the flavor and provide added nutrition. Try ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper.

14 – Choose Healthy Fats

It is often smart to add healthy fats to your smoothie like hemp oil, coconut, avocado, and flax. Many of these foods will increase your energy.

15 – Add Protein

Adding protein to your smoothie can make it healthier. Proteins are particularly helpful at increasing your strength. There are several good sources of protein to choose from.

16 – Don’t Sweeten With Sugar

It doesn’t matter how healthy your smoothie is. If it doesn’t taste good, you aren’t going to drink it. While it may sound tempting to sweeten the mixture with sugar, try a natural source. Coconut, honey, vanilla, or unsweetened cocoa powders are all great options to consider.

17 – Use Superfoods

For the most nutritional benefits, make sure your smoothie contains some superfoods. Bee pollen, cacao, acai, goji berries, help seeds, coconut oil, and spirulina are great superfoods for your smoothie.

18 – The Base Matters

Sometimes it is tempting to skimp on the base of the smoothie to save money. Even if your smoothie calls for water, make sure to use filtered or spring. There are other high quality bases including raw milk, coconut milk, and almond milk.

19 – Try Mushroom Powders

For immune health, you can add mushroom powders such as Maitake, Reishi, and Cordyceps. Use one or two capsules for your entire smoothie.

20 – Make Your Own Ice Cubes

If you love adding ice to your smoothie, it might be a good idea to make your own ice cubes. You can use coconut water or make ice cubes out of bananas for added health.

21 – More Herbs

Several herbs are available to increase the health of your smoothie. Try Rhodiola, Ginseng, or Astragalus. Adding one of these herbs can improve the medicinal properties of your smoothie.

22 – Create a Good Texture

When the texture of a smoothie is bad, many people prefer not to eat it. You can add a little less of textural ingredients like spinach. This way you still get the health benefits, but it will probably have a better texture. Once you get used to the texture, add in more gradually.

23 – Get a Good Blender

You will have better results with your healthy smoothies if you have a better blender. This is a great investment that will make smoothie making easier.

24 – Keep Trying

If your first few attempts at making a healthy smoothie do not turn out like you expected, make sure to keep trying. Soon you will discover combinations you love.

25 – Have Fun

Finally, make sure to have fun. Let your kid help you make smoothies and ask family and friends for their favorite recipes.

With these 25 tips, making a healthy smoothie is easy. You will love creating delicious and healthy snacks each day and these snacks can help you with weightloss.